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Our Expertise

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Central Rockies Mortgage was formed in 1992. Robert Grems, David Lau and William DesPortes took over ownership of the company in 2016. Our reputations, and the impeccable reputation of the company, have been built and established on providing exceptional and ongoing customer service to each and every one for our valued clients. When combining this high level of customer service with an acute knowledge of the local real estate and mortgage markets, and a thorough understanding and continual study of the national and global lending industries and economies, clients can feel assured that they are in good hands for all of their residential mortgage financing needs.
Loan Programs & Financing Options

Conventional Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac backed loan products for both Fixed Rater (30, 25, 20 15 and 10 year fixed rate mortgages) and Adjustable Rate Mortgages (3/1, 5/1, 7/1 ad 10/1 ARMs)


Minimum of 3% down payment Required

Mortgage insurance financing options for those without 20% equity or Down Payment  (3 ways in which the MI can be structured)

30 Year Fixed Rate and Line of Credit options for 2nd liens in lieu of Mortgage Insurance


Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance


USDA / Rural 100% Financing Options for Eagle County Residents

FHA Loans up to $636,450 in Eagle County, CO

VA Loans

Jumbo Fixed Rate and ARM Financing Loans (up to $5 Million)


Able to use Eagle County Down Payments Assistance Funds for those who are eligible

Construction to permanent financing


Property Types we are able to finance:


  • Primary residence, second homes and investment property purchase and refinance transaction

  • Single family residences and duplexes

  • Townhomes

  • Condominiums hotel/resort condominiums

  • Standard/warrantable condominium

  • Modular built homes

  • Manufactured homes

Documents Needed for Prequalification
  • ​2 Years full tax returns

  • 1040 for salaried borrowers including W2’s

  • 1120 / 1065 for self-employed borrowers if applicable

  • 2 most recent paystubs (salaried borrowers)

  • YTD P&L from the business  (self-employed borrowers)

  • 2 months of all asset statements (checking, savings, stocks and bonds, 401k, Roth IRA, life insurance policies etc are all pertinent)

  • List of other personal assets included as well: automobiles, jewelry, paintings, furnishings etc…

  • Personal Data needed in order to complete a Mortgage Loan application including:

  • Date of Birth

  • Social Security Number

  • Full Name

  • Contact numbers (cell, work, home)

  • 2 years of living history (physical and mailing addresses)

  • Name and telephone number of landlord if renting

  • 2 years of work history (employer name and address, position and earnings)

  • List of current other real estate owned with debts, rents and estimated value (if applicable)

  • Credit and Debt history – verbal communication of existing debts (credit cards, student loans, car loans etc…) and the status of the debt

  • Supporting documentation for any derogatory debt items if applicable (collections accounts in dispute etc…)

  • List of current other real estate owned with debts, rents and estimated value (if applicable)

  • Divorce Decree, Separation Agreement and Alimony payment documentation (if applicable)

  • Proper Identification:

  • Valid Driver’s license for US Citizens

  • Green Card and social security card for foreign borrowers

  • Sales Contract (if applicable)

  • Sales contract on other real property being sold (if applicable)

Advantages of a Mortgage Broker vs. Retail Bank Officer
  • Brokers have multiple lending sources, and the flexibility to look at products and pricing offered by each individual conduit, to ensure the borrower is matched to the right loan program with the best interest rate;
    Central Rockies Mortgage Corp has access to multiple financing sources including: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac backed mortgages, USDA mortgage financing, FHA mortgage financing and Portfolio / Niche Jumbo mortgage financing 

  • Brokers have less overhead, physically, financially and personal wise, than traditional banks allowing brokers to offer lower interest rates

  • Brokers availability is not limited to traditional banking hours and we work all hours, weekends and holidays to meet clients schedules and needs

  • We are 100% committed to each and every borrower and the success of their transaction. Pride of our business ownership and our reputation is engrained in every detail of every transaction or encounter with a borrower  

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